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testimonials & accolades

Thank you so much for everything the two of you did on our wedding day. From the moment I arrived, you two were a calming factor. Your professionalism intermixed with your awesome people skills put everyone at ease and made having pictures taken a breeze! You two are quite the team! Angelo and I feel very fortunate you were able to be our photographers. Thank you SO MUCH!

Fondly, Marsha

love love LOVE THEM!

A friend of mine is having her wedding and she asked my advice, and the one and only piece of advice i gave her was "make sure you hire the BEST photographer—it’s the ONLY thing that matters" because the day goes by so fast and if you even blink you will miss it. it's the PHOTOS«—not the flowers, not the cake, and not even the kiss—that make the day last forever... The love is there, but the photos capture it forever.
Our day went by so fast —and when I looked over the images a few weeks ago it still seemed like yesterday. Today, a few weeks later, I went through them again and I'm outright bawling — re-living all the moments I feel like I missed the first time around because it happened SO FAST! And I thank you for shooting it all. I LOVE that the most important part of our life was documented—and in such a way that only a artists can do—it captured our emotions, our love for one another, and most of all the reason we all came together first place—our family.

I wanted to hurry up and extend a truly heartfelt thanks for making such an important date in my (our) life so BEAUTIFUL!
You two are so talented! We are so happy to have you in our lives.

Thank you

Suzanne and Quan

We could not have picked two better photographers to capture all the special moments of our wedding day. I must say, I was a little nervous not having met either of you before our wedding day because I was down in Virginia. But right when you both walked in the house, I immediately felt at ease with you both shooting away. Both Marty and I were so impressed with your professionalism and attentiveness to detail. We truly enjoyed working with both of you. The work relationship the two of you have is amazing to watch. After having 2 photographers shoot my wedding day, I would not have it any other way. While one of you is shooting the formal, more planned out photos, the other is shooting the candid shots. Both of us are not ones to really enjoy taking lots of "formal" pictures over and over, but you both made it feel so comfortable and enjoyable.We would most definitely give your names to anyone who asked for recommendations. If you ever need a testimonial in the future, you are more than welcome to give people our names and contact information. We believe that the photographers are the ones who can really make or break a wedding. You both made our special as well as the rest of our lives together. We will forever remember our day as we look back at the amazing and beautiful photos that were captured that day.

Thanks again. We are very grateful for your time and talents. Sincerely,

Heather and Mark Watkins

Dear Cheryl & Chrispy

Just a note to thank you for all of your hard work at Amanda & Donnie’s wedding in October. We so appreciated all you did and the pictures are so good I can’t seem to pick just one I like the best. You guys are so talented and it shows in your work. Thanks again for making the day so special.

Linda Callis/ Mother of the Bride

We can’t thank you enough for making our day such a special one. We appreciated the time you took from the beginning to the end to make us feel important.

We enjoyed your company and were impressed with your rapport with our bridal party and family.

The Pictures turned out fabulous. We will be sure to spread a great word for you whenever there is an opportunity.

Jennifer & Mike

Dear Cheryl and Chrispy

Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding so special. The pictures were incredible and we have been giving your names to everyone we know! We are so grateful to you for giving us a lifetime of beautiful memories of our wedding day through your photographs.
Thank you so much!

Rachael & Steve

Thank you for capturing our wedding celebration and love for one another in such a beautiful, breathtaking way.

Working with you both and getting to know you better were among the many gifts of the day.

Marianne & Lynne

Cheryl & Chrispy

Many thanks to you both for the beautiful photographs. You two are great people and the pictures are amazing!!!  We are going to spread the word and maybe in the future use your services again for a family photo with a new addition.

Many Thanks
Chris and Kim Miller
– It’s easy to be thankful when someone’s as nice as you guys.




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