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Congratulations to you! 

I am Cheryl Amati Martin, with more than 30 years of extensive professional experience as a wedding photojournalist, and a nationally exhibited and collected photographic fine artist. 

My long time associate, Christopher Bacon, and I, have combined our talents to give you the ultimate synergistic wedding team.  As artistic photojournalists, our discerning eyes will freshly capture and record the spirit, life energy and "story" of your day in the least obtrusive manner. We provide you with the peace of mind that only comes with seasoned industry professionals.

In addition to traditional photographic documentation, such as group formals, we also include a refined, more sensitive interpretation of your day captured by accomplished artists. In this regard, we exclusively offer our "Up Close and Personal" intimate photographic journey ---a tribute showcasing only the Bride and Groom.
These stunning Black and White images are ageless and timeless --- a regal depiction of this momentous day. 

My approach to photographic investment is straight forward.

I offer fair pricing based on experience, imaging, professionalism and detailed service. 

Number of images taken is unlimited. Web viewing is also included.

These keepsake images will last you and your family a lifetime.

We invite you to place the imaging of this revered day in our capable hands. 

Each time you view your photographs.... you will relive your day.

Call us to discuss your specific timeline and products wishes to customize your price today.

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